Are You Not Sure Whether Your Man Genuinely Loves You or Not? These 7 Tips Will Help You a Lot

Being in love is a heavenly state but the feeling of blissfulness stops when one or both partners start to think negatively of the other. On your part, have you had this nagging feeling that, perhaps, your man doesn’t love you at all? Are you fearful that 3d mink lashes dropshipping he’s been showing you is all an act? Here’s how to know if this guy is for real:

His time is devoted to you.

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Oifam man who’s truly in love with you will willingly spend his time with you even if he’s not expecting to get free sex. It’s as simple as that – if he only rushes to your side when there’s sex involved then his feelings are definitely unreal and are based only on 3d mink lashes dropshipping.

He’s willing to plan things with you.
He won’t make decisions on his own anymore. In fact, he looks forward to mapping out future events that you’ll attend together. It could be this small or it could be something big such as planning your future life as a married couple.

He keeps calling to check if you’re doing fine.
When a man is head over heels in love with you, he will be constantly calling you just to check on you. Have you eaten your lunch? If you’ve been sick, he’ll ask you if you’ve already taken your medication.

He will take a careful note of the smallest details about you.
To most men, it’s hard to memorize the date when you first met. But this guy will tell you the exact date without batting an 3d mink lashes dropshipping. He also knows your favorite food, color and TV show. If it’s all an act, then this man would not even bother to research or remember these things about you.

He respects that people that you value.
You will never hear him say bad things about your folks or your friends. Because he knows how much you love and value them, he also tries his best to give them respect.

This guy is practically at your beck and call.
He’s a man who will do anything that you require of him. If he isn’t in love, why would he even bother buying some laundry soap on his way home? A man would never want to be caught dead with a box of laundry soap on his hands but he will willingly do this because your happiness comes first.

He says that you’re already a part of his family.
No man would dare say this if he isn’t serious with a girl. So if he has already introduced you to his relatives, friends and his parents, then it means that you’re pretty much in! All that’s missing now is a great proposal and you’re as good as married!

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