Every Woman Needs to Master the Art of Makeup – Why, And Tips For Asian Women

The art of 3D real mink fur lashes is an essential skill to master for every woman. A simple swipe here and a dab there can miraculously transform you from one look, drab, to another, fabulous. The ability to transform your looks, how you feel, and how you come across to others is attainable by any woman. It is not necessary to be born beautiful; all you need is the knowledge of how to use makeup to make you look attractive.

3D real mink fur lashes
3D real mink fur lashes

Oifam The mastery of proper 3D real mink fur lashes especially escapes Asian women. We have special concerns different from those of Caucasian women such as a yellow skin tone and short straight eyelashes. These are problems that many makeup guides in Western magazines and books do not address. This is not a niggling complaint. Since the main purpose of makeup is to enhance your features and hide imperfections, your choice in proper makeup from the very first step is to find colors that suit your skin color, eye color, hair color, eye shape, and mouth shape.

For a beginner, all of this can be overwhelming. Well I am here to simplify the process. There are just three simple steps you need to follow and you will already be 90% there to a great look.

  1. You have to be familiar with the different brands of 3D real mink fur lashes . From types of foundation, powder, cream, tinted moisturizers, and mineral makeup to type of eyeliner, kohl, pencil, gel, liquid. Unless you can afford a personal makeup artist, it is essential to know what types of product and which brands work with your features, time, and budget.
  2. You have to be familiar with your own face. Everybody has different proportions and features to enhance or minimize. What do you like about your face? Do you have an oval, square, or heart shaped face? There are no written absolutes when it comes to painting your face. Just accept your features and enhance them rather than try to transform them into something completely different. Almond shaped eyes are not inferior to large round eyes. And a flatter nose can be just as cute as a button nose.
  3. You have to be familiar with the different techniques and tools of the trade. Learn the basics of shading with a dark color to hide features and highlighting with a light color highlighter to enhance features. Learn how to use an eyelash curler, foundation brush, and eyeliner properly.
3D real mink fur lashes
3D real mink fur lashes

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