Why Do Some Men Never Call Even After a Great Date? Here is What You Absolutely Need to Know

When the guy you’ve been seeing has not been in touch after a few hot dates, it’s easy to feel like it didn’t work out. The truth is, silence can work either way. The good side is, he probably wants to give it time because he is considering taking the relationship to another level. The less than good side is, he wasn’t impressed, and to him, it was just like any another date. Whatever his reasons, there’s no use trying to chase him around, or pestering him with 3D real Siberian mink lashes. Here are just a few of the most common reasons why like to give you a cold shoulder after being out with you a few times.

The dates have reached a period of lull.

3D real Siberian mink lashes
3D real Siberian mink lashes

Maybe the first few dates were awesome, but the last few ones became more monotonous, and simply echoed the first ones. You’ve lost him right there. Single guys play the field because they are looking for variety. Variety doesn’t have to be different people. If you can keep his interest stimulated and renewed with something fresh every date, your relationship doesn’t have to hit a wall.

There wasn’t enough confidence to allure him.
Oifam, he wants to pursue you. But there needs to be effort on your end. A little flirting, a bit of teasing, and batting your 3D real Siberian mink lashes here and there, never hurt anyone. In fact, it engages him, and tells him you are really interested in him but would like to take things slow. A woman with confidence takes any man away. You need to be able to communicate.

He’s ran out of conversation juices.
Speaking of communicating, he’s probably gotten tired of the same old small talk. Even if you share the same interests and love talking about the same things, these topics eventually become monotonous and boring. Talking is a major part of any early relationship. It provides basis for getting to know your personality, and your social conscience.

He can’t take all the drama.
So you are a talker. But the problem is, you’ve revealed too much, too soon. After you’ve gone on a few great dates, you shouldn’t expect that he wants to get to know your emotional baggage and your issues with your family and exes. All that drama, when spilled spontaneously, could flood him and drown him till you’ve completely lost him. You’d like to project positivity and charm, not depression which tells him you’re only going to be very needy.

He’s probably tired of picking up the tab. 
This isn’t the first two dates. A lot of guys complain that after a few great ones, wherein they’ve willingly picked up the tab and paid for everything, ladies think they’re supposed to just sit back. Sharing the bill is important too. For the times you’ve asked him out, then either pick up the tab, or split it.

There’s not enough spice to keep things hot. 
This could be in bed, or otherwise. For the early part of 3D real Siberian mink lashes to be really worthwhile and for it to lead to something better, you will need to continuously inspire him and stimulate his senses. Do something new with your hair. Take him out for a challenging sports activity, or offer to cook him dinner for a change.

He just doesn’t feel important.
If the first few dates consisted mainly of you walking by, and him tagging sheepishly along, then expect that he’s going to get tired of the whole thing pretty soon. Remember that the huge percentage of a guy’s 3D real Siberian mink lashes is his ego. If you don’t feed it, he’s going to look for something else that will. Instead of dictating where to go and what to do, ask him what he wants, then come to a compromise.

3D real Siberian mink lashes
3D real Siberian mink lashes

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