Grab Your Guy Some bottom lash extensions

I like to think that I’m on the forefront of beauty and makeup trends, but when my friend Maria informed him that guyliner isn’t a Mediterranean cruise ship I was puzzled. Turns out it ‘s a term used to describe the stuff that some guys like to apply to their bottom lash extensions. In other words – eyeliner!

I punched “guyliner” into the search box at and found the following definition:

“Eyeliner applied on a man. Once formerly the territory of only homosexuals, punk rockers and showmen, well-applied guyliner is slowly but surely becoming more socially acceptable for heterosexual men who ascribe to metrosexualism, glamour, and general fabulousness.”

bottom lash extensions
bottom lash extensions

Wow! Guess I’ve been living under a rock for a while! But, heck, the practice of guys dressing up their lashes with eyeliner isn’t exactly a groundbreaking discovery in the world of beauty and makeup. It’s been taking the fashion world by storm since 4,000 B.C. That’s when the pharaohs of ancient Egypt liked to apply green and black liner to their bottom lash extensions and eyebrows.

And let’s not forget 1920’s screen legend and heart throb to millions of women, Rudolph Valentino. He wore so much eyeliner in his silent movies that an editorial in the Chicago Tribune accused him of “bottom lash extensions of the American male.” This apparently ticked Valentino off, and in order to defend his manhood, he challenged the reporter to a boxing match. Unfortunately, the movie star died in New York City before this could happen.

The list of celebrities using bottom lash extensions didn’t stop with Valentino, and include Kurt Cobain, Johnny Depp and more recently rocker Brandon Flowers of the group Killers. You’re in good company if this born-again trend appeals to your sense of style. I have to admit that it adds some spice to the otherwise drab parade of civil servants in grey flannel pants that walk past my coffee shop everyday.

Oifam any guy who is confident enough to use eyeliner, is a guy who probably won’t have a problem dropping by the local cosmetic counter to pick up one of the many popular brands made for women. But why should they have all the fun? A number of smart companies have recognized this trend and are marketing eyeliner especially branded for the male market.

Bottom lash extensions typically comes in the form of a khol pencil that is designed to create a subtle, but defined look to the contours of a guy’s eyes. Some folks selling this stuff claim it will make eyes appear “more dramatic, larger and seductive.” Wow! That’s a powerful pencil. The few bottom lash extensions products that are available are inexpensive when compared to similar products that women use. Isn’t that always the case!

bottom lash extensions
bottom lash extensions

My boyfriend could definitely use a bit of an edge. I think I’m going to grab him some bottom lash extensions!

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