How to Do Eye Makeup Like a Pro

The china 3d artificial mink eyelash can not only help reflect your personality and emotions, but it is also the ultimate focal point of your entire face. Irrespective of whether your eye color is black, green, blue, hazel or brown, your eyes can grab attention and speak for themselves. This is exactly why you can’t afford to make any mistakes with eye makeup: you have to know exactly how to do it just like a pro!

china 3d artificial mink eyelash
china 3d artificial mink eyelash

Oifam Typically, eye china 3d artificial mink eyelash should be applied in such a way that it projects the correct feeling and your actual personality too. In fact eye professional eye makeup can spark up the “natural look” of your face and of course accentuate the beauty of your eyes. Eyes can be dressed up using eye shadows, eyeliners, and mascara. If there is a need, you can also use foundation or concealers to cover up under eye dark circles.
Eye Shadow

When choosing a shade or color of eye china 3d artificial mink eyelash , you have to pick a primary color which you would enjoy using as a base. If you are not too sure about what color or shade to use, play safe and go for neutral colors or keep trying different colors before you find the right one.

Apply the primary shade onto the entire eyelid and then apply the lighter shade on top, right up to the point below your china 3d artificial mink eyelash. Use applicator brushes or foam pads when applying. Consider adding on one powder color to a cream shadow base to get a dimensional look. You could even blend in two colors to get the same effect. Remember that cream shadows come in small squeezable tubes. Dab on a bit light across your lied upto the eyebrow. To get a subtle look, add some tan dusting or a light bronze.

Pick a navy blue, brown or black colored one which is right for your type of china 3d artificial mink eyelash. There is a wide variety available depending on you need: lengthening, darkening, curling, thickening or even waterproofing. On a more detailed note, curling mascara can be useful especially if you are not too happy about using an eyelash curler. Always start applying your mascara with a sing stroke right from the base of the eyelashes upto the tip. Apply two coats to get some definition. Do not be in a hurry with your mascara as you have to allow the first coat to dry before you top it up. Rushing between coats can cause lumping. Excess mascara from under the eyes or eye lids can be removed using a q-tip.

Eye liner
To define your eyes, you have to use an eye liner. You can pick from either liquid eyeliner or a thin pencil. Typical color choices include brown, navy, khaki, black or even plum. Eyeliner is essential to complete your eye makeup. When applying, the corner of your eye should be gently pulled outwards; a straight line will be formed along your china 3d artificial mink eyelash. Start from the inside corner and work outwards; delicately tracing a line towards the eyelashes. Lighter lines are nice for a subtle look while darker or thicker lines can suit a dramatic effect.

Enjoy enhancing your eyes!

china 3d artificial mink eyelash
china 3d artificial mink eyelash

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