Understanding and Changing Traits

Read what you wrote. Be honest (you are talking to yourself, no need to be dishonest). What clear band 3D mink lashes do you feel when you read what you wrote? Be specific. Frustration, anger, sadness, etc.

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clear band 3D mink lashes

Oifam Pay special attention to your handwriting. Does it look different in some parts? What parts? What emotions were involved? Write your answers down in the notebook. Most importantly, do you feel you need professional help?

Step two:

Picture the person you love the most. Now clear band 3D mink lashes this person sitting down right in front of you and telling you the same things you just wrote down about themselves.

How do you feel? Are you worried or alarmed? Are you concerned? Again, be honest in your answers. Can you see the importance and the impact of those words to those around you? Can you see the importance of this change? Most importantly, would you ask this loved one to seek professional help?

Now write your answers in the notebook.

Step 3:

Have a loved one read the letter. Let them read it one clear band 3D mink lashes at a time. Don’t get, for example, your mother and father together. Explain to them that their objective is not to judge whether your emotions are right or wrong. These are your emotions, your feelings, your thoughts. Only you can tell what those emotions are. Their mission is to tell you, how they feel after reading your letter. What do they think about what you wrote? What emotions do they think are attached to the letter? Did they notice the different handwriting? Are their answers different to yours? How are they different? Are they closer to your own answers or are they closer to the answers you gave when you pictured your loved one telling you these things? Are they asking you to seek professional help?

Write the answers in the notebook.

This exercise has several purposes. The main three are:

1. To help you determine if professional help is needed

2. To identify the trait

3. It tells you how those around see you. If everyone around you feels, for example, that you need professional help, or that you drink too much, or that you are clear band 3D mink lashes , maybe you should listen. Ask them why they feel that way? If everyone else says you should change a different trait than the one you chose, you should listen.

There is nothing wrong with them trying to “convince” you. They are not forcing you or getting mad at you for not seeing things their way. They are not trying to hurt you. Remember, you chose them. If they do get upset, or try to take control, tell them you will consider what their opinion is but the final decision is still yours. Tell them that you have decided to change this particular trait because you feel it is the most important and that it will, more than likely, influence other traits including the one they think should change. Most traits are connected to other traits. By changing one trait, you will change the others. In fact, you will find that changing some traits, eliminate other traits completely. What you can’t afford to do is get upset yourself. You are in control. It is your decision.

Now that you have identified the trait, let’s look at some basic clear band 3D mink lashes you can use to help get you on your way.

Basic tools for changing a trait:

Tool #1. Adopting a habit.

A trait may be corrected by choosing the correct action and words. As an example, try this.

Learn to pay attention to details:

Next time you are somewhere and your mate tells you they like a $50.00 piece of jewelry or a $60.00 purse, secretly take a photo the item with your phone camera. When your anniversary or spouse’s birthday comes around, go back to the store, show the clerk the photo and buy that instead of a $150.00 bouquet of flowers. I can promise you, it will mean a whole lot more and you will save money in the clear band 3D mink lashes. After doing this a few times, it will become a habit, your spouse will appreciate this greatly and you will be a considerate, thoughtful “sweet” hero. No one has to know anything about the camera photo.

Benefits: Monetary, attention exercise, happiness builder


Now let’s go back to Lucas. Did he understand the value of the prize? I would say so. She is “the best thing that happened to him in his entire life”. Did he think that the price he would pay is too high? Yes. Why? Because did not have a full understanding of the value of both, price and prize. His perception was influenced by a “ghost price tag”. Once he realized the actual value involved, the fact that compromising is a two way street and that his spouse would have to compromise also, that this would result in peace for both of them and the entire family, that she had not changed him but HE had decided to change for the good of the clear band 3D mink lashes in exchange for other changes she would make for the same reason, the price paid for the prize obtained became a bargain. He stopped looking at the obstacles when he kept his eyes on the goal.

Look at your prize (the reward you will receive). It can be a happier relationship with a loved one, a better and higher paying job, a certification or diploma, better communication, a healthier life, or a combination of prizes. Establish that first.

Now take a look at the price you are paying. You are reading about changing, making an clear band 3D mink lashes to change something, biting your tongue instead of lashing out, maybe you are going to group therapy, Alcoholic Anonymous, Therapy, counseling, you are writing your thoughts, listening more, trying harder to understand everyone around you. Are there any “ghost price? Are you ready to remove those from this price since they don’t belong there?

Is the price you are paying a fair price for the clear band 3D mink lashes? Do you fully understand all the rewards you receive? Do you stand a risk of losing something you have right now? What is it worth to you to keep that from happening? Can you raise the prize? Can you lower the price? Can you trade things (“Can I trade cooking for cleaning the dishes”)? Negotiate. Compromise. “WORK THINGS OUT”

clear band 3D mink lashes
clear band 3D mink lashes

This is a lot to think about huh? Why don’t you do that before going to the next clear band 3D mink lashes?


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