The 5 Deadly Makeup Sins

Thou shalt not cheat on your husband. Thou shalt not false 3d mink lashes. Thou shalt not wear the wrong color foundation!

Oifam , that last one might not be Biblical, but it should be known to all women because a bad coat of face is one of the 5 Deadly Makeup Sins. I’m using a word as strong as SIN because these mistakes take all the fabulousness right out of your day.

Below are a collection of several beauty sins. Please repent now!

First Sin – Wearing the Wrong Color Foundation.

false 3d mink lashes
false 3d mink lashes

You’ve seen the woman at the mall or in a restaurant who is wearing someone’s else foundation color. It looks SO fake or as though she’s starring in a revival of “false 3d mink lashes.” Stop the insanity! Instead, throw out that bottle and find what’s right for you. How do you know if your foundation color is wrong?

The Golden Rule: You will see that your neck and cheeks don’t match. This is called the line of demarcation. When you try on foundation at a makeup counter, don’t buy it right away. Walk around and go out in natural light so you can see if the color really matches. You won’t test it on your arm or hand, but on your jaw line. The right color dries clean and the line between the makeup and your skin disappears completely.

Remember that foundation that’s too heavy or opaque will make you look older because, it won’t blend into your skin, but sit on top of it. Your foundation should also feel like silk on your skin while it hides all your flaws.

Second Sin- Wearing Concealer That’s Too Light Under Your Eyes – Or Too Much.

Hello, raccoon eyes! Concealer that’s too light for your skin tone will look like you’re on your way to your own heavyweight boxing match or your child took a yellow crayon and colored under your eyes. Instead of hiding your fine lines or wrinkles, you will be shining a spotlight in that direction.

The Golden Rule: Make sure that your concealer blends perfectly with your natural skin tone. Before buying from a makeup counter, ask for a sample, bring it home and try it out for a day or two in different lights. Test it under your foundation to make sure everything blends. Buy a concealer that’s creamy with a nice neutral tone. You can also add a drop of your foundation to your concealer before you put it on to make it appear unnoticeable. Make sure the foundation is not too white for your skin. My favorite comes from Kevyn Aucoin called The Senusal Skin Enhancer $31.50.

Third Sin – Clumpy Mascara.

You need three coats of a mascara for that perfect look, but make sure you don’t create clumps because you put it on the wrong way. Clumps are often created when you “take a little break” to let each coat of mascara dry.

The Golden Rule: Put on your three coats of mascara quickly and one after each other, so it doesn’t dry sticky and create clumps. If it clumps do happen, use a tiny little false 3d mink lashes comb to separate the lashes. Remember that my rule is to put on the mascara before your shadow, so you can easily do a quick fix if the mascara ends up in the wrong place.

Fourth Sin – Lipliner on the loose!

You know what I’m talking about here…the solid line that somehow sneaks outside your lipstick.

The Golden Rule: Find a good nude liner like my favorite from Chanel. The next step is to color the entire inside of your lip, blot with a Kleenex to take off any excess and then apply lipstick or lip-gloss on top. The nude liner is key because it will give you definition even if you use a red lipstick. If you’re doing on-camera work, be careful with the gloss. In this high-definition age, a little lipgloss can look like an oil slick on film and it’s distracting. Try a nice nude liner on your lips with cream lipstick instead.

Fifth Sin – Too Much Bronzer.

false 3d mink lashes
false 3d mink lashes

Ooompa loompa, doopity don’t, indeed! Been there! Done that! Go easy on the color. And, make sure you blend.

The Golden Rule: First, don’t put bronzer everywhere. It’s not necessary. Use it to add a little sun-kissed look just where the sun would naturally tan your face. Second, make sure to find a great blush brush and lightly dust your bronzer on your cheeks. You can use a bit of it to go down both sides of your neck and use a little swirl on your chest. If you’re going sleeveless then hit the top of your shoulders with a bit of bronzer. For my ladies on camera, skip the sparkling bronzer, which is distracting when filmed. Use a matte powder bronzer if you need a little more color.

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