e.l.f. Cosmetics Review

Everyone should come check out e.l.f. Cosmetics, they are an awesome online discount false eyelashes mascara factory store, they spend less money on packaging, but maintain designer quality standards.I have taken the liberty to sample a few of their products, so everyone can get an idea what they have to offer.

false eyelashes mascara factory
false eyelashes mascara factory

*Oifam  Shielding Gloss infused with SPF 15 – This this is a wonderfully scented gloss that many of you may find a tad false eyelashes mascara factory. I personally found it too sticky to be comfortable, while my sister just loves smacking her lips together with this stuff on.

* Therapeutic Conditioning Balm – There isn’t much I can say about this stuff. It smells really yummy, but it comes off really easily. It doesn’t cost very much, but won’t be something I’ll order again any time soon either. Sorry e.l.f. Cosmetics, not a winner for me.

* Color Protection Nail Lacquer – I was looking for something that was all natural, to put on my hand and toe false eyelashes mascara factory, that would last a long time. For a little over a $1, this stuff delivered protection, particularly on my toes for close to a month. This lacquer kept the nail polish well protected, during my beach season.

* Wet Gloss Lash and Brow Clear Mascara – This is one of my mothers favorite e.l.f. Cosmetics products. She’s a thrifty gal and is always on the hunt for the best deals she can find. This product will give your false eyelashes mascara factory and brows an all-day wet appearance. Think of it as looking like you just got out of the shower all day. This stuff really gives you a different look, and not in a bad or made up kind of way.

* Shine Eraser Blotting Tissues – Each package comes with 50 thin sheets which clean oil off your face. I loved the way this e.l.f. Cosmetics product made my face feel. At first, I expected that after the cool sensation they gave me, I would soon be stricken with dry skin in that area — but my face stayed cool without any drying for the entire day. Truth be told, you would pay more for over-the-counter Noxzema products.

* Natural Radiance Blush – This little blusher is all natural. It’s has a silky feel and blends really well. It does need to be put on with laser false eyelashes mascara factory, due to the ultra-small applicator, however that worked to my advantage most of the time. This blush also last my full work day, with no signs of letting up.

* Brow Comb & Brush – I would have to call this a profession false eyelashes mascara factory brush, with non professional pricing. This ergonomically-designed brush is a must for anyone, and kudos to e.l.f. Cosmetics for offering it up at discounted prices. Scott Vincent Barba is the designer.

false eyelashes mascara factory
false eyelashes mascara factory

* Mini Cosmetics Bag – The striped designer bag held all of my brushes, false eyelashes mascara factory, and other nick-knacks. It has a double-sided design featuring two zippers. This little gem from e.l.f. Cosmetics is free, so I’ll try not to be too critical. To say the least the zippers don’t work very well, but the material appears to be strong.


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