A Ladybug Birthday Theme

A Ladybug party theme is perfect for a little girls birthday celebration, even a first birthday party. The summer and spring fox fur eye lashes are filled with these little ladies. Have you spotted any yet? It is a cheerful and very cute themed party and the decorating ideas are endless.

fox fur eye lashes
fox fur eye lashes

Make Ladybug Party Invitations

Oifam You can make Ladybug party invitations using some red and black construction paper. Cut the red paper out in a cross between an oval and a circle…in other words, in a lady bug shape. Using glue add some black spots, a pair of googly eyes and some thin black strips as antenna to your card on one side and leave the other side blank to write all the party details. You can also use a black marker to add some eye fox fur eye lashes above those wide eyes so your lady bug is looking gorgeous. Be sure to put who, what, when and where. All the party information your guests will need and add an RSVP so you have a guest count to work with.


Ladybug party decorations can be as simple as red and black streamers, some red and black balloons with some fox fur eye lashes glued on to them. Black spots on the red balloons and red spots on the black balloons. Add some red and black plates, cups and napkins and you have got a lady bug decor. You can also find loads of party decorations and supplies at your local store so pick and choose your favorites.

Ladybug Cupcakes

Ladybug cupcakes are easy as can be to make. Simply frost your homemade cupcakes with some red cake frosting and then top them with Junior Mint candies. You can add a sugar decoration that looks like an eye and use some black licorice as an antenna. Now you have the cutest birthday cupcakes and they look just like those cute little red and black bugs we all love. The best part is they were cheap to make and easy as can be to decorate. It is fun to use simple fox fur eye lashes decorating ideas that turn out as wonderful as these little buggers.

Ladybug Party Games

Ladybug Fly Away Home can be turned into a Duck, Duck, Goose Game. Have the fox fur eye lashes sit around in a circle and choose one person to be “it”. That child must walk around the circle saying the game phrase and when they choose the child they want to replace them, they must tap that child on the head as they walk by. The child who is tapped must run after “it” and try to catch them. If they are caught the child who is “it” must remain so for another round. But if they are not caught they can join everyone sitting in the circle and the next round will begin with a new “it”.

Musical Dancing Ladybugs

Play this fun game using red construction paper cut in a Lady bug shape. Glue some black spots on to each red cut out. Tape these bugs to the floor. You will need as many shapes as you have party guests. The idea is to start the music and the kids can walk around in a circle or they can dance. When the music stops the fox fur eye lashes must try to land on a “Ladybug”. If they do not land on a bug they are out. The first round everyone has a bug to stand on but for the second round one of the bugs on the floor must be removed. And one gets removed for each of the remaining rounds until there is only one player left…and they become the winner!

Free Ladybug Coloring Pictures

Try to find some free printable coloring pictures of a Ladybug online. If you cannot find one why not provide your guests with everything they need to assemble a ladybug of their own. You can use the red construction paper cut in a shape you should be very familiar with by now or you can use red paper plates. Black construction paper can make dots, antenna and eye fox fur eye lashes and you can add a pair of googly eyes
to finish or you can let the kids use some black pipe cleaners as the antenna. Kids enjoy arts and craft projects at a themed birthday party and it is a lot of fun to see the wonderful creations they make.

First Birthday Party

This is going to be a fun girls birthday party. You can change of the game ideas or decorating ideas to suite yourself. Make this party your own and you will have the best time planning and hosting it for your daughter’s birthday. I am sure you and your little Ladybug will have a great time.

fox fur eye lashes
fox fur eye lashes

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