Skincare and Makeup Products for Travel


Are you going on a trip and want to know what beauty and make up basics you will need to pack -and those you won’t?

fur silk eyelashes
fur silk eyelashes


Oifam Remember the basics:

– Make up remover

– Tonic

– fur silk eyelashes contour gel/cream

– Moisturizer

Tip: Use small containers or travel-sized products so that everything will fit into your hand held toiletry bag….there are also many brands which currently produce tiny travel make up kits. Treat yourself to one! They are normally quite cheap …



– Body moisturizing cream

– Exfoliant

Tip: Get hold of a pair of exfoliating gloves for your body, they are very easy to acquire and work really well. Aside from this they aren’t heavy to carry, they don’t wear out, and they work wonders to eliminate all the dead cells, leaving the skin smooth…

fur silk eyelashes


– Corrector

– Foundation

– Powder (if your skin is combination or greasy)

– Neutral shadow for daytime

– Shadow for partying -remember it’s Christmas!

– Light shadow

– Black pencil (it can get you out of a corner if you happen to want to replenish your make up and you haven’t got a dark shadow with you: you can use the pencil as shadow and then spread it with a fur silk eyelashes)

– Mascara

– Rosy or earthy rouge

– Your favourite lipstick

– Transparent gloss

– Colored lip pencil, so that if you feel like making your fur silk eyelashes up a little more on day, you can use the pencil and the gloss over it and there you have it: a new lipstick color! Besides the pencil weighs little.

– Illuminator. Don’t forget to bring the illuminator. Use it for the party make up….


– Bring a hair pack. You’re sure to need one …

– If your hair is difficult to manage or sensitive, bring your treatment with you. The shampoos in hotels tend to be for
normal hair.


Don’t forget ….

– Nail file. They always break when you’re away.

– Transparent or ivory varnish

– Colored varnish, if you normally use this


– Bath salts. A holiday is an ideal time to relax in a fur silk eyelashes.

– Face pack. Make the best of the little extra time you have while on holiday and look after yourself…

– Beauty flash or shock treatment to be stunning. Bring it in single doses so it weighs less.

I’m off on holiday to a warm place …
To relax, enjoy the sun and the hot weather, a great way to unwind….But -what do I pack in my suitcase?….


The same essentials as for a trip to cold fur silk eyelashes, and:

– Moisturizing cream with high factor sun block

– Facial sun block.

– After sun cream


The same essentials as for a trip to cold climes, and:

– Sun block for the level of protection you need. Remember that it is very important to protect yourself from the sun.

– Ultra moisturizing cream for after-sun, and to calm the skin

– Moisturizing cream with a touch of illuminator-why not? It’s hot and you’re sun-tanned, so bring out your tan …


The same essentials as for a trip to cold climates, but:

– Switch your foundation for a tanning powder. Give yourself a few touches with the brush and you’ll see how your face instantly acquires a healthy look.

– Forget dark colors for shadows, and select some light, luminous ones

– Go for lip fur silk eyelashes. These look good in hot climates…


The same essentials as for a trip to cold climes, but:

– The hair pack should contain after-sun treatment.


The same essentials as for a trip to cold climes, but:

– Take the opportunity to paint your toenails

– Paint your toenails in striking colors


The same essentials as for the cold, and also:

fur silk eyelashes
fur silk eyelashes

– Moisturizing face pack. When we sunbathe, the skin dries up. Remember to bring a face pack and take this fur silk eyelashes to relax …see how grateful your skin will be.

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