10 Reasons To Enter A Natural Beauty lash extension kit

eauty Pageants are definitely not a thing of the past! In fact, they are more present now then when they began many years ago. However, there has been much discussion about Glitz Pageants versus Natural Pageants. I prefer Natural lash extension kit because it helped to boost my low self-esteem and gain confidence and launch my modeling career among other things.

I had low self-esteem when I was a child that lingered into my teenage years and then followed me into adult-hood. I was 24 years old when I competed in my first Natural Pageant. I only wish my parents would have allowed me to enter into them much sooner.

So what are Natural Pageants? These are Pageants for the moms and dads who don’t want their child or teen to wear heavy makeup. These are the Pageants that don’t encourage false lash extension kit, spray tan, false teeth or false hair. Many of these additional elements in a Natural Beauty Pageant could actually hurt your child or teen when calculating final scores.

Glitz Pageants are just the opposite of Natural. These are for the parents who want their child or teen to be what’s referred to as “glitzed” out. This comes with a lot of embellishments on the dress, heavy makeup, fake hair, false lash extension kit, spray tan and a different type of Pageant walk. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve judged plenty of Natural Pageants where contestants also wore fake hair. However, it’s sometimes frowned upon.

lash extension kit
lash extension kit

Deciding which Pageant Organization to allow your child or teen to compete in is totally up to you. However, here are 10 reasons why I believe you should allow your child or teen to compete in a Natural Beauty Pageant:

1. Build Self-Esteem – Many children today don’t believe in themselves. Some believe that they are not pretty or even deserve to be called beautiful. Natural Pageants also focus on bringing that inner beauty out. Many contestants in Natural Pageants are able to just be themselves.

2. Gain Confidence – Some children are not confident in anything, not even schoolwork or sports. Natural Pageants will help them to overcome that fear of being a failure and allow them to see themselves as a winner.

3. Oifam – Many Pageants give away cash to contestant winners as well as savings bonds, but many also give away college scholarships. However, Natural Pageants have many natural optional or side competitions that allow the contestants to enter and become a winner in those additional natural categories.

4. Make New Friends – Some children may make friends much easier if they all have more of a natural facial look, one may not feel inferior to the other.

5. Become Less Judgmental – Some children may be less judgmental if they don’t see the other contestants as a threat because they don’t all have on “sparkly” attire or “embellished” attire.

6. Eat Healthier– It’s sometimes hard today to get children to eat healthy. Well, many Natural Pageants encourage it. They encourage your child to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and eat the allotted three meals a day for strength and brain function.

7. Learn to Dress Better– Natural Pageants can help your child to become more lash extension kit for their attire for school as well as other extracurricular activities. Having many optional categories, a few being “School wear” and “Model Search” can definitely help.

8. Learn Social Skills – Learning social skills can also be lash extension kit with making new friends. When children aren’t made to feel like their failures if they don’t win, they’ll usually be more open and more prone to being a social butterfly around the other contestants.

lash extension kit
lash extension kit

9. Allow Parents and Children to Build a Broader Network – Not only does children need to learn better social skills, but many parents do as well. Many parents feel like since their child is competing against the next child, then they can’t communicate. Parents being able to get along and communicate can help the child tremendously. If children see parents making an effort to be nice and make friends, then they’ll be more open to do the same. Natural Pageants can bring about beautiful friendships lash extension kit children and parents.

10. Land Modeling Jobs – Many casting agents, producers and modeling scouts are always on the lookout for that fresh new natural kid. They look for natural kids that can be themselves as well as those who have that spark. Natural Pageants offer just that…..when agents, directors and scouts visit Natural Pageants, they’re looking for a naturally cute kid. Usually, not kids with heavy makeup and fake or false pieces added on. Many want the clean and soft look that children have.

lash extension kit
lash extension kit

Again, these are just a few reasons why your child would have a lash extension kit great time competing in Natural Beauty Pageants. There’s so much more for them to learn and so much more for them to become and Natural Beauty Pageants are just the beginning to their already bright future.

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