Mascara for lash extensions – What Are The Symptoms And What Can Be Done About It?

Repetitive pulling out of one’s hair may start as a habit, only to find out later that it is already an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). This type of psychological and medical condition is called mascara for lash extensions. A spectrum of OCD, this disorder is the inability to resist the strong compulsion of pulling out of one’s hair at its root. Hair pulling occurs not only in the scalp, but also in other areas like the eyebrows, eyelashes, and pubic region. It is said to be a form of OCD because such behavior is compulsive and recurrent in nature. Likewise, this disorder as in OCD is most often triggered by stress, anxiety, and other emotional disturbances, although the former can arise even in relaxed times.

Mascara for lash extensions is a condition prevalent among the female population. According to studies, it usually begins during the adolescent years. However, it is found to be present in infants as well. There has been a great difficulty in getting the exact statistics for sufferers of this disorder since most of the cases remain unreported. The reason for the low report ratings of this disorder is that people who have this condition remain in denial, while others feel ashamed or embarrassed to disclose their hair pulling urges. Most often, sufferers of this avoid disclosing it to friends and family members, hiding its effects like wearing a cap or bandana to conceal signs of hair loss or alopecia.

mascara for lash extensions
mascara for lash extensions

The most common sign and symptom of mascara for lash extensions for lash extensions mascara for lash extensions is the recurrent pulling out of the hair. This results in noticeable hair loss. Other signs include thinning of the eyebrows or missing eyelashes due to hair pulling. In some instances, people inspect or play with the strand of hair that has been pulled out. Others go as far as putting it in their mouths and eating it. In more severe cases, bald patches in the scalp or other areas of the body occur, and others suffer bowel obstruction for those who eat their hair after pulling them out. People who are afflicted with this disorder feel some tension right before pulling out the hair, and feel some sort of relief and pleasure afterwards.

Like any other disorder or condition, mascara for lash extensions can be managed. Those who have this need not slip into depression or social isolation because it can be treated. It is important that one acknowledges that he or she has this problem. Recognizing the signs and symptoms, identifying the triggers and proper diagnosis by a doctor is the start of treating this disorder. Researching and educating oneself about this condition will be very helpful in understanding what you are going through and how can you conquer your impulse. Determination and self-motivation in order to stop the habit play a vital role in the treatment process. Encouragement and emotional support from loved ones would also greatly help the sufferer to undergo the needed therapy.

There are various ways of managing mascara for lash extensions . If stress is what triggers the desire to pull out hair, stress-reduction techniques like relaxation exercises or yoga is one way. Another would be by using diversions, such as squeezing a rubber ball, cleaning, and drawing to keep one preoccupied and eventually forget about the urge. In treating this disorder, help should be sought from a therapist, consultant, or doctor to be guided as to what method or therapy is suited to one’s condition. Habit Reversal Therapy (HRT) is one treatment for this condition, which is a type of psychotherapy wherein the sufferer, on the first phase of the therapy is trained to be aware of his impulsive behavior and detect the warning signs as when the urge starts to build up. The next phase of HRT is that when he feels the urge of pulling out hair he makes a so- called competing response, such as placing his hand on his lap until the urge goes away. Another treatment is called the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy that promotes the acceptance of hair pulling urges and teaching the sufferer to avoid acting on these urges. Medications for it, like antidepressants, may also be prescribed by the doctor.

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mascara for lash extensions
mascara for lash extensions

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