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Rapid mink strip eyelashes customized 

Rapid lash is the new innovative product which promises to deliver luscious mink strip eyelashes customized  within 30 days. It promises to improve length, thickness and volume of the hair while protecting breakage at the same time. The moisturizing agents (Rhizobian Gum and Sodium Hyaluronate) are believed to provide shine and suppleness by locking in hydration which in turn leaves the lashes more elastic and durable. The fact that it is free from prostaglandins and parabens makes it suitable for contact lens wearers.

mink strip eyelashes customized 
mink strip eyelashes customized

Many of the promises that the manufacturers have made about the product seem to be true. The inclusion of a derivative of Prostaglandin (a drug used to treat Glaucoma) is supposed to make the mink strip eyelashes customized  grow out considerably. It appears to make the mink strip eyelashes customized  thicker but it is not sure as to whether or not the eyelashes just appear thicker or whether they do infact grow thicker.

Another plus for the product is that it is considerably cheaper than all of its closest competitors. Lilash, Revitalash and Latisse all have their products priced between $130 and $160. Rapid Lash is priced at $50 providing the best value for money.

The oifam product is not without its shortcomings though. A number of users have complained about irritations to the eye as well as eye discolorations. These are common side effects of some eyelash products. However, due to this, a number of eyelash manufacturers have created prostaglandin-free products. Rapid Lash consists of an active ingredient which has properties of prostaglandin (a drug unapproved by FDA). This is most likely the reason for the irritations caused by the product.

In addition, there is very little information available regarding rapid lash. Its website consists of one page which provides little information about the product. The website provides a 45 day risk free trial but provides no free sample. The scant information available regarding the manufacturer further queries the credibility of the product.

mink strip eyelashes customized 
mink strip eyelashes customized

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