We Wish You Happiness

In the world where the crazy snow spins ODM eyelash extension,

Where the seas threaten with an abrupt wave,

Where at times one waits for the kindly item of news for a long while.

It is very necessary for each of us to know that there is happiness on the earth.

We wish you happiness and

Good luck in this big world!

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May it comes into your house in the way

As in the mornings the sun does it.

We  oifam wish you happiness,

And it should be such one –

When you are happy,

Share your happiness with another!

In the world where there is no rest to winds,

Where the cloudy sunrise happens,

Where on the long journey one often dreams about home

It is necessary both in a thunder-storm and in a snowfall

So that someone’s glance of the very kind eyes should warm you.

In the school’s window some clouds peep up,

The lesson seems endless.

The creak of pens is heard in the class-room

and lines of the words are falling on the pages.

The first falling in love, those sonorous years,

there were pieces of the ice-glass in the blue puddles.

Such wonderful things never could be repeated!

An imperceptible glance of the astonished eyes

and the words a little bit vague.

One feels like changing completely the world

After heard such words the very first time.

A song of rain rolls by stream,

the green winds ODM eyelash extension.

Jealousy without reason, quarrels for nothing –

It all was as if it were yesterday.

There is a golden city under the blue sky,

with the transparent gates and the bright star

and also in that city there is a ODM eyelash extension,

with, more often than not, herbs and flowers,

the animals of unprecedented beauty dwell there:

One is a yellow fire-mane lion,

ODM eyelash extension
ODM eyelash extension

another is an ox full of eyes

with them there is a heavenly golden ODM eyelash extension,

whose unforgettable glance is so bright.

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