6 Easy Anti-Aging and Make-Up Tricks That Work Wonders for Special Occasions

What with Christmas having just passed and with future special occasions coming up, you’ll want to look your absolute best this permanent eyelash extensions.

permanent eyelash extensions
permanent eyelash extensions

For some simple and easy tricks to roll back the years the following tips should work wonders for putting on a fab look with the eyes especially being the window to the soul.

1) Celebrity Eye Strips

Oifam Be sure to spend time on your eyes. Drooping eyelids will make you look jaded and tired but fortunately there are strips which can be placed on the eyelid which are invisible to the eye when the petroleum adhesive is fixed on and they work with all permanent eyelash extensions tones and are instant in seconds.

Make-up can then be applied to create that sexy sultry dinner party look or something more dramatic for a daytime occasion.

By removing all lines and wrinkles for the day can totally transform the age of the eye and additional magical treatments can also be used.

2) Collagen Q10 Gel Patches

Consider Collagen and Q10 get patches, these take 15 to 20 minutes to work wonders to the under part of the eye where dark circles, puffiness, blotchiness and creases may have developed and include 3 key ingredients.

a) Vitamin C is probably the best known anti-oxidant when applied topically to slow down the break down of damaged molecules caused by the pollutants in the air we breathe and digest.

b) Hyaluronic Acid alternatively hydrates the surface permanent eyelash extensions layers by drawing moisture from deeper skin structure up to the epidermis – the outer skin layer – plus it also helps trap this extra moisture naturally for longer periods of time.

c) Collagen as we all now provides the structure and support to cell tissue and Q10 or Vitamin Q as it’s also known, helps promote new collagen growth along with Pentapeptide 3, and additional ingredients.

Both eye-strips and collagen Q10 gel patches are perfect for instantly rejuvenating and adding a glowing health to the eye.

3) Go Easy on the Concealer

Be sure to pick the right concealer to match your skin tone where just the right subtle amount will conceal those fine lines and creases revealing a much more youthful complexion.

4) Dramatize you permanent eyelash extensions

Using a quality mascara will bring more attention to your beautifully prepared eye makeup design for the evening and maxing out the permanent eyelash extensions with the help of an eye-lash growth accelerator can reverse the effect of naturally dark eyes thus reducing the appearance of aging.

5) Define the Brows

With some careful brush work, by making the brows fuller, shapelier and thicker, this will immediately boost how healthy the eyes look.

6) The Perfect Lips

Probably the BEST under-eye skin tightener [http://exhilarateme.com/anti-aging-skin-care/instant-eye-secrets/] can also be used around the lips and will have an instant effect on removing creases and fine lines for up to 10 to 12 hours.

Again they deploy Vitamin C, permeable Collagen and Pentapeptide 3 but in a topical serum which can work wonders at accentuating the effectiveness of a quality lip liner.

permanent eyelash extensions
permanent eyelash extensions

Just make sure that they complement your eye make-up so if you’ve used a darker eye colour then apply a lighter lip liner and vice versa.

Here are currently 2013’s Best Anti-Aging Creams [http://exhilarateme.com/]


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