Top Beauty Products for 2008

If you are looking to upgrade your beauty product supply than you may want to check out this list of the top rated beauty products of 2008. These products are all available through retail stores today and these top products were rated by consumers just like yourself so you can be sure that these products are just as good as we say they are Real Mink Lashes. Make sure to make a list of these great products and price them out yourself the next time you are searching for that perfect mascara or hairspray!

Real Mink Lashes
Real Mink Lashes
  • Oifam When it comes to the top mascaras on the market today, there are two that are close running together. First is the Courbe Virtuose by Lancome. This mascara actually does curl your Real Mink Lashes and create more volume than you have ever experienced with mascara before. The runner up in this category is CoverGirl Lash Blast. This mascara although does not curl your lashes it does provide a great deal of volume and its large brush allows you to cover each and every lash.
  • In regards to foundation, it can be so hard to find the best of the best for your skin, but we have done it! Face Atelier Ultra Foundation is the ultimate of foundations available today. When you put this on it doesn’t even feel like you are wearing makeup and this is what every girl wants. What is even better about this foundation is that a little goes a long way which means you are not constantly going out and buying new bottles. The runner up in this category is the Brown Oil-Free Even Finish Compact Foundation. You will find this brand has such a wide range of colors that you are sure to find the exact match to your skin.
  • Since lip gloss has become a necessity in our beauty product drawer, there are two very popular and excellent brands to look for Real Mink Lashes. Lancome Color Fever Gloss was rated number one by consumers today. This is completely non-sticky and has a great applicator so you never have problems applying your gloss when you need it. The runner up in this category was hard to choose with so many lip glosses on the market today but MAC in 3D Glosses was chosen. MAC is a much respected beauty product brand and this gloss comes in many great bright colors that are sheer to wear, which makes them very versatile.
  • The best hair care product of this year is sure to be Pantene Pro-V Detangling Mist. This really works well and does not leave a build up of chemicals on your hair which can wear down your desired hairstyle.
  • Finding a good body moisturizer is just as hard as a good shampoo, there are so many! Olay Quench came out on top for this year’s lotion. Especially in the winter this is the best lotion you can use to keep your skin smooth and avoid flakes.

This is an amazing list of beauty products which are capable of creating the best and most stylish looks of this year whether it is for your Real Mink Lashes or your face; you can count on these high quality products to make you look that much more stunning than you already are! Although some of them are quite expensive, a little goes a long way with most and therefore the investment is well worth it. Do your shopping and search for these great products of 2008. There is nothing better than knowing what you are buying is the best of the best!

Real Mink Lashes
Real Mink Lashes

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