Getting Back With Your Ex After You Were Dumped

Getting back with your semi permanent lash extensions after being dumped is not impossible. Some people may think it’s a bad idea. Why would you want to get back with the person that dumped you?

semi permanent lash extensions
semi permanent lash extensions

But no one can tell you what to do and if you still have feelings for them and getting back with your ex is all you can think about, then go for it. Hopefully, if you know the reasons for the breakup, then you can work on it and prove to your ex that you want them back.

Oifam So what are the steps you need to take to win them back?

Try not to panic

Most people that got dumped make the semi permanent lash extensions of panicking and giving in to their fear of being alone and losing someone. No one likes getting dumped but letting your emotions get the better of you won’t help your situation either. You need to be rational and in control. This is why it’s important to have a no contact rule after a breakup. You will have a chance to control your emotions so that you won’t appear weak and desperate in front of your ex.

Let your ex go

Your ex won’t appreciate you being clingy and possessive. If you want to get them back, you’re going to have to let them go first so that they will have the chance to gather their thoughts and miss you. After all, your semi permanent lash extensions may feel like they’re suffocating if you don’t give space and time to enjoy their own life. Right now, what you both need is a break.

Don’t avoid your grief

If you’re always drinking or eating unhealthy food because you want to get away from the pain, then you’re not really helping your situation. Sure, you can wallow and drink a bit or eat chocolate to make you feel better. But if it becomes a habit then you have a problem. You will become vulnerable and it will be easier to make mistakes such as calling your ex in the middle of the night and begging them to come back. Not to mention drinking and overeating will make you look less attractive.

Avoid lashing out

You feel hurt and betrayed and that’s normal if you got dumped. But lashing out at your ex and saying all those hurtful statements will not help your situation. You’re blaming your ex for what’s happened and you act like you’re the semi permanent lash extensions here when you yourself have your fair share of mistakes. The bad news is that this will damage your chances because it will be difficult to take back all those hurtful statements.

Live your life

Getting back with your ex after they dumped you won’t be easy. But it doesn’t mean that you have to be obsessed by it that you forgot to live your own life. You need to focus on yourself and try to be happy even if you’re single. Of course you miss your semi permanent lash extensions but you also need to heal from the break so that you can regain your confidence and become a stronger individual.

I want to help because I was just like you not too long ago.


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