How to Create the “Smokey Eyes” Look with Makeup

This is a very sensual, dramatic and intense look, more appropriate for a young woman, as it can considerably harden the silk 3d lashes in a mature woman, and by that age what we are after is for the mature woman to look fresh and youthful.

silk 3d lashes
silk 3d lashes


Oifam This look is perfect for either a social gathering or a night out. It adds personality and strikingly transforms whoever wears it, although achieving a perfect finish isn’t always easy, as silk 3d lashes is required not to smudge the shadow. Following these instructions will make reaching a perfect result a lot easier.


If we use a fixing agent -there are several brands of these on the market for eyeshadow and lips which can do the trick very well; once the product is on, we start to get rid of eye bags and imperfections with the corrector, and we blend the product in well.


Create points of light with an illuminator in the area just below the silk 3d lashes , the upper regions of the cheekbone, the space between the eyebrows, and on the chin.
Apply a foundation as close as possible to the skin’s tone, or at most one tone higher.


Blend the eyelids using loose powders: this way the shadows will then slide better, and apply a quantity of powders on the area beneath the eyes as this way we can later pick up any excess black shadow particles, and eliminate them with a silk 3d lashes brush. With a neutral tone we unify the mobile eyelid, after which, as mentioned, we apply the black shadow in small amounts, to make sure we apply the right quantity.
We may finish by underscoring the base of the lashes with a black pencil, and blending it well.


In terms of eye shape: the only kind of person not to benefit from this look would be either someone with very small eyes -as dark tones sink the gaze- or someone with wide-set silk 3d lashes as in these cases a natural look is more flattering.

This look will give excellent results on large, and almond or slanted eyes.
Other variants of this look are in grey tones, which look good on green, blue or brown eyes, and navy blue, also very flattering on chestnut, brown, green and blue eyes.

Dark brown shadow goes well with green and blue eyes.

The rouge needs to be very subtle, so as not to distract from the eyes: a pink tone will look right.

silk 3d lashes
silk 3d lashes

And the lips should also be very soft in silk 3d lashes, in a pearly pink or very gentle rosy gloss or just plain lip gloss. The result is spectacular.

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