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Summer Make Up Tips For A volume lash extensions Face

In the hot summer weather, a different set volume lash extensions of rules apply if you want to keep your make up clean, fresh and pretty. Heat and humidity pose a challenge to your face, so you have to make a few changes from the make up you wear during the rest of the year. With a few simple tips, you can keep your face flawless in the summer, no matter what the weather throws at you.

volume lash extensions
volume lash extensions

Oifam Primer: Primer goes on your skin  volume lash extensions after moisturizer but before foundation, blush, concealer and powder. Primer can also be used in the winter to make your make up stay on better, but during the summer months primer is a must for your face and eyelids. Primer helps keep all your make up in place and won’t let the make up run when your face is sweaty. It helps provide an even tone for your whole face by filling in the fine lines, so the foundation you put on afterward will go on smoother and stay on longer. You can also just skip the foundation and use just a bronzer or blush on top of the primer. Primer can also be used on the lips and eyelids. Many primers also come with SPF, so this gives you an added bonus.

Use Shimmer: Whereas the winter months are good for matte eyeshadow and lipstick in warmer and darker colors, the summer is your time to have fun with shimmer and shine. Eyeshadow with a little shimmer can give your eyes a little sparkle without having to use too much of it. Summer is a great time to wear shimmer, whether you’re out to lunch with friends or taking a walk on the beach. You can also get blush and lipstick with shimmer to make your whole face shine. It’s good to have different colors to change up your look, so invest in wholesale cosmetics with shimmer from an online wholesaler.

Use Waterproof Mascara: Don’t save your waterproof mascara for the beach. This should be used throughout the whole summer to keep your mascara from running when you perspire. You may notice that it’s difficult to apply mascara when it’s hot. That’s because your volume lash extensions are wet and regular mascara cannot stick to it. Waterproof mascara will go on smoothly when it’s humid out and will leave your volume lash extensions looking just as good as in the winter.

volume lash extensions
volume lash extensions

Use Tinted Foundation: This is an excellent product that gives you that summer glow without having to go in the sun. It almost always comes with an SPF, so you get an SPF, moisturizer and a tanner all in one bottle. Just apply a small amount of blush or shimmer to your cheeks to finish off your look. Just make sure you get a foundation that is close to your skin tone.

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